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  1. I really have wanted to add your button for months now, but the "no" symbol comes up when I try to copy...something is wrong with it. Could you email it to me or let me know if there is an updated code?



    1. Hi Beth,
      Thank you so much for wanting to include my button on your page! I'm not sure why it isn't working for you. It's worked fine for others. I'll try emailing you the link and we'll see if that works. Let me know if it still doesn't work and I'll see what I can do.

    2. Hello,

      We are a group of Harvard Business School students and we wanted to let you know about our school project that may be exciting for your readers. We learned through research that smartphones are increasingly being used as pacifiers. We also know that children playing with phones have a tendency to find their way into email or may even end up making accidental phone calls. Therefore, we have developed PaciFone, an Android phone application that helps to entertain and calm young children, but also blocks access to other phone features. The best way to experience PaciFone is to see it in action, but here are a few of the highlights:

      • Baby Cam: This option uses the phone’s camera to allow the child to view himself/herself on the phone’s screen, along with fun animations (balloons, water droplets, stars and more!)

      • Animals: This option shows fun pictures of animals with accompanying animal noises (mute is available of course!)

      • Photostream: This exciting option allows parents to create a slideshow using pictures from their phone’s personal photo album. Parents can even record sounds to accompany each picture. For example, pictures of family members can be accompanied with parents’ voices saying the names of the family members pictured.

      • Safety Lock: PaciFone has an exciting locking feature that prevents children from accessing other parts of the phone!

      PaciFone is available now for FREE on the Google Play Store (I have included a link to the PaciFone page). If you would be willing, we would also love for you to include the link to the PaciFone page on your blog so that your readers may experience the app for themselves.

      We hope you and your readers enjoy using PaciFone! If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us at

      Thanks so much for your help,

      PaciFone Team (Alex, Ariel, Brian, Maya, Rafa and Ramzi)

  2. Hi! My name is Sarah, and your girls are precious! I love their names! I am also a mom of twins, I have identical boys. I have a little baby blog also and I was wondering if you might like to swap blog buttons! I'm trying to get my sidebar built up with other twin mommy blogs : ) Here is my blog if you'd like to check it and my email is if you'd like to contact me that way!