Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sun Catcher Valentines

We made our Valentines this year. My girls aren't in a preschool so they don't have a whole lot to make for...mostly family, a few friends and, of course, they wanted to make one for their dance teacher. Today we made these heart shaped sun catchers to share. We also hung a few in our front window. 

Wondering how we made them? It's super easy, but may involve more parent help depending on the age/capabilities of your child. We had all the materials lying around the house and you may too!

You'll need...
Tissue paper in various colors (left over tissue paper from gifts works great)
Contact paper in clear (if you don't have Contact paper, you could also use wax paper and glue)
Hole punch

First you need to cut out your hearts. Sound tedious? It's not too bad. Fold your tissue paper back and forth like an accordion. Then, fold it in half length wise and cut out your hearts. I cut all these hearts in less than 5 minutes and we have several left for another project. 

Oh, and you'll have to ignore my ugly vinyl tablecloth...a must for kids' crafts. ;)

Next, cut a piece of Contact paper, about the size of a small placemat and tape it down on the table sticky side up. An alternative option...tape it to a window. Your child can then start putting on their hearts. 

Once finished, cut another piece of Contact paper about the same size and place it on top (sticky side down). Trim edges if you desire. You could stop here for a festive placemat!

Draw or trace hearts onto either side and cut out. 

You may need a little glue here and there if your child layered too many hearts on top of one another. Just add a drop or so of glue if you see Contact paper coming apart. Another option would be to make a frame out of colored paper. 

Punch a hole in the top and tie on a pretty ribbon. Use a permanent marker to write a message or name. Or, they could make a design with glue and glitter!

This project could really be adapted for any holiday or even just because!


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  1. this is really creative and artistic :)