Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Homemade Bread

We love Dave's Killer Bread around here! It's always full of good stuff and is also organic. There are several different varieties and we pretty much love every single one. Living in Portland, we have the luxury of being able to visit the actual bakery in Milwaukie, OR to purchase our bread. We usually buy 12+ loaves at a time and stock our freezer. When you buy in this quantity, you can typically spend less than $2/ excellent price for good healthy organic bread!

My girls and husband LOVE sandwiches so we go through a fair amount of bread. I had an urge to make bread the other day so I set out to find a good sandwich bread recipe that was full of good ingredients like the Killer bread we typically buy. In my search, I came across this 100% whole wheat bread recipe from Dave himself! I was immediately excited! Esme and Ellerie were excited to help!

I used the weight measurements (grams/oz) for the flour as indicated in the parentheses and it turned out great! I highly recommend a heavy duty mixer. I have a professional series KitchenAid stand mixer and it definitely gave it a workout!

My house smelled amazing...just like walking into the bread bakery! I anxiously waited for it to finish baking so that I could try a slice...Delicious!!

It will make a great sandwich bread! It takes a bit of time to make/bake, but it makes two loaves and tastes delicious!

Recipe and a video of Dave making this bread can be found here. I used organic ingredients, but it is not necessary.

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