Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Walking the Mall

My girls love the mall! No...they don't like to shop. They just love to walk the mall. It's an excellent way to burn some energy if the weather is yucky. Well, the weather wasn't yucky at all today, but we found ourselves walking the mall this morning. We even picked up some special treats...Jamba Juice smoothies. 

(Ellerie in blue. Esme in pink)

We also had a mall adventure last Saturday. My girls received Build a Bear gift cards for Christmas from their uncle, aunt and cousin so we took them for their first time. They loved it! They loved picking out, stuffing and "bathing" their animal. Ellerie chose a lion and Esme a pink elephant. They still have some money left for another trip. 

(Ellerie in blue. Esme in pink)

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