Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I am always amazed at what my little girls (I guess not so little anymore) are learning every day. They are always showing me something new. 

Both girls love puzzles, and for awhile now, have been challenging themselves with turning the pieces upside down on a puzzle they have already mastered. It's something they decided to do all on their own quite some time ago. Both girls can easily master a 48 piece puzzle now. It's amazing! 

We've also been practicing our names. They know their letters and sounds, know the letters in their name and can usually correctly spell their own, and each other's, names. They have also written letter "Es." Yesterday Ellerie tells me, "I wrote my name!" I walked over to see her in the process of writing the last couple letters. I quickly grabbed my phone to snag a photo as she finished. The "Ls" are upside down, and the "R" looks like a 2-year-old version of a stick person, but she did it and I was/am proud!

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  1. My grand children love puzzles, but don't find them as challenging as they would like. So Papa, bought some cardboard and they draw their own pictures, color them and then with our help we cut them into puzzles for them to make. They can of course do the pieces as big or as small as they want. Also there is no picture for reference, so it is good for memory too.
    We have tons of puzzles now. Currently working on multiple puzzles that we can interchange to change the pictures a bit.