Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Improptu Product Photo Session

In a previous post I wrote about sewing up some carriers for children to carry their favorite doll/stuffed animals in. I made a few for Christmas gifts and a few more for our Etsy shop Sticks & Fuzzies

On Saturday, we decided to do a quick photo session with the carriers on our kids. Well, anytime you attempt to photograph 3 almost three-year-olds (or even 1 for that matter), you're in for an adventure. Esme was the only cooperative one through the whole session, but we somehow managed to capture an adorable photo of the three girls.

(Esme carrying an American Girl Bitty Baby. Lily carrying an 18" American Girl Doll. Ellerie carrying a Jelly Cat stuffed bunny)

They are a Mei Tai style carrier (just like one you could wear to carry a baby) and tie for sizing flexibility. They've been selling well and I think there are only two left available in the shop right now. If you're interested, don't worry...there are several more in the works! We take custom orders too!

(Esme carrying an 18" American Girl doll. Ellerie carrying a Jelly Cat stuffed bunny.)

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