Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Doll Carrier (for stuffed animals too)

I've been making these doll carriers (they're perfect for stuffed animals too) for my girls and for a few of their friends for Christmas presents. I've even had several requests via my pictures on Facebook of my girls wearing them, so I've been busy sewing away. I'll probably be adding them to our Etsy shop, Sticks and Fuzzies, very soon!

Here is a picture of Esme modeling one of the completed carriers. She's carrying my American Girl (well, actually Pleasant Company) Samantha doll from when I was little. They aren't usually allowed to play with her...they are just a little young still. She was pretty excited to get to wear her in the carrier for this photo-op. It's usually her favorite stuffed Jelly Cat brand bunny in the carrier.


  1. I can't believe how much Esme has grown! I think this age is going to be the most fun. I'm asking for a camcorder this Christmas to capture all the three year old antics. I've had one on my camera but I think it will help to keep video and pictures seperate. Anyway, super cute carrier! My girls are more in to animals than dolls but I'll have to check back when that changes. Happy holidays!

    1. I know...Esme finally has enough hair for a ponytail! It makes her look so grown up.

      My girls are far more into animals as well. I figured I should probably update the post to include that the carriers work great for stuffed animals and that both my girls are usually carrying their favorite bunnies in their carriers.