Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Toddler Hair

I always wished I would have girls so that I could style their hair all cute, and in different ways. I thought that, because I wished that, I would end up with girls who didn't want me to touch their hair. Well, the fact is, my girls love having "pretties" in their hair, but they just don't have much hair to work with!

Esme is finally starting to get some length. It's not long enough for just a ponytail, or pigtails, but I can get a little creative. It is in her face now, so I have to at least pull the front hair back into a rubber band or clip.

Poor Ellerie wants her hair done like Esme, but she is just going to have to work on growing it a bit...but she's got some beautiful little curls (she got those from her mama)! I've managed to do some small rubber bands, but they often fall out.

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