Thursday, November 1, 2012


This was a great year to visit pumpkin patches. We had an exceptionally dry October for Oregon and the girls are now old enough to really have fun! It worked out, this year, to visit three different pumpkin patches.

The first visit was actually at the end of September. We visited Liepold Farms for the annual Fall Party with our families with multiples group in the Portland area. The farm was filled with young twins, triplets and their families, all having fun picking out pumpkins, taking a hay ride, racing through a corn maze and hay maze and participating in the many other activities on the farm.

Our second pumpkin patch visit was to Bella Organic Farms on Sauvie Island. We planned a trip with the Colvin family (also a family with 5-year-old twins). Our main reason for the visit was to venture through the corn maze that was cut to look like a duck to honor the University of Oregon Ducks. The maze was a big one, but the kids just had a blast running through the isles of corn while their daddies had fun solving the clues to the puzzle in the maze.

Being the middle of October, and the clouds that were in the sky in the morning, we chose to all wear long pants and sleeves. Well, the sun decided to make an appearance and we were walking that maze in 85 degree heat. The kids, and us moms, decided we were done with the maze after about an hour or so, and made our way out (kids in tow via a wagon) to get some water and snacks.

Once the boys finished their clue tracking, we all took a hay ride to a not so pretty pumpkin patch.

(Esme in "Lil Pumpkin" shirt, Ellerie in "Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch" shirt with orange sleeves)

Our third, and last pumpkin patch visit for the year, was a very last minute trip. We had been wanting to go with our friends (Whitney, Dan and little Lily), but it didn't look like our schedules were going to allow for it this year. Well, one afternoon, Whitney's photo shoot was cancelled, so we all decided to see if we could squeeze in a visit in between downpour. It poured rain the whole drive there, but just as we pulled in to the parking lot, the rain let up and a double rainbow appeared in the sky. Perfect! Our visit was short, however, because the dark clouds rolled in after about 40 minutes, and we just dodged the next down pour. We did manage to fit in a hay ride and some pictures with pumpkins.

My camera's memory card decided to be full after just one photo...of course! Thankfully, Whitney snatched some photos with her camera, so I'm stealing some pics from her blog post here.

Here is the one photo I got...

Here are some photos from Whitney, starting with a flashback photo to the girls last year, at the same place...

Ellerie, Lily, Esme

(Esme - Grey Sweater, Ellerie - White Sweater)

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  1. I love the idea of going back to the same spot to take photos each year. That patch of pumpkins w those trees as a backdrop is so cool. The flashback photo is way too made me melt. And the new close-up photos of the girls goodness.