Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rainy Day Activity

So, the Oregon Fall weather has finally arrived...Rain Rain Rain! I actually don't mind the rain too much...unless, of course, it's pouring rain, I'm trying to load the girls into the car and they are refusing to let me buckle them. I wait patiently (all the while receiving my 2nd shower for the day) for them to slowly get themselves buckled or allow me to finally buckle their seats for them. Life with independent toddlers...

Well, this morning we (I) didn't feel like venturing out of the house in the pouring rain. We don't have a big open area in our house, so this means I have to continually find things to keep the girls entertained and busy.

Among this mornings activities, we made homemade play dough. I don't think I have ever purchased play dough...ever! There are so many great play dough recipes out there. It's cheap, easy and I love knowing what's in it in case little ones try to eat it. The recipe I used today can be found here. It makes your house smell wonderful!

Another great recipe, and perfect for the Fall season, can be found here. I'll post some of my other favorites later.

The girls had a lot of fun squishing the play dough, playing with cookie cutters, sticking dry spaghetti in it and trying to string Joes Ohs (Trader Joe's version of Cheerios) onto the dry spaghetti...a great fine motor challenge!

Here are a couple pictures I snagged on my phone...terribly blurry, but you get the point!

(Esme in purple, Ellerie in dark pink)

UPDATE (DEC 19, 2012): Check out a guest post I wrote about play dough here!

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