Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pajamas at the Park

A 4th of July post will come soon, with all kinds of pictures, but for now I just want to share a quick video we caught of the girls yesterday.

We spent the day with some friends who don't mind missing the late night fireworks. We had a wonderful BBQ and lots of play time with the little ones. We like to get our girls in their pajamas before we head home when we're out a little later than normal (until their bedtime) because we know they'll end up falling asleep on the way home. If they're in their PJs, it's just one less step to get them ready for bed when we head home.

Yesterday,we got the girls in the pajamas, but then decided to take a last minute walk to the park before heading home. More pictures will come later, but here's a video of the girls showing us they can go up the stairs and down the slide without our help. So independent!

Oh, and they were 16 months old yesterday!

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