Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art Studio

Last week, we ventured to a little kid-friendly art studio in town with some friends and their kids. For all you locals, or for those whoever decide to visit Portland, the place is called My Masterpiece Art Studio. This place was great!

For our first visit (and knowing that my girls would only last so long), we purchased a Mini Studio Sampler set for $10 for the girls to share. This kit included a bag of clay, a large piece of painting paper, black paper for chalk/oil pastels and a piece of drawing paper. There are many many things to do, and many different kits and projects you can buy, but this was perfect! After you choose your project, you walk into the studio, use all their supplies and the mess is there...not in your home!

We started by putting little aprons on the girls. Yes, these even had them small enough for my girls! We started out with clay. The girls had so much fun squishing and banging the clay with all the tools. They've played with clay at the Portland Children's Museum before, but they seemed to enjoy it more this time.

Next, we moved onto painting. This was probably the most entertaining! My girls decided it would be more fun to paint their arms and faces, but they still managed to get some on the paper. Fortunately, they informed me prior to painting that all their paint is non-toxic and washable.

After we cleaned up all the paint, the girls had some fun drawing with chalk and crayons before heading home.

I look forward to visiting again, but next time I hope to have a helper. It was a bit challenging to focus on both my kids at the same time.

Sorry for all the Instagram photos...I forgot to bring my camera!

(Esme in blue top. Ellerie in white top.)


  1. Wow - that is so cool!!! What a great place for your girls. Love the photo of their painted faces, and their beautiful artwork.

  2. I love your twin's names :) My twin girls are 9 now, and believe it or not sometimes I miss the early days...sometimes.