Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zoo Trip

We've made several trips to the zoo with the girls. Our first visit was back in November when they were only about 7 1/2 months old. I think they enjoyed seeing the few animals they could see, but it is so much more exciting now that they can walk and really explore.

They also know their animals now and can tell you what sound just about any animal makes...if it makes a sound. Each time we visit, I think the girls have more fun than the last time. We now try to make a visit about once a month or so, taking advantage of discount day when we can. When they get a little older, I think we may invest in a membership.

This time, there were a few sprinkles, but it didn't stop us. The cooler weather brought out all the animals so we were able to see a lot of them that tend to hide. The animals were also more active than normal, so this was a lot of fun for the girls to watch.

Only downside of the visit...Esme got pooped on in the "Lorikeet Landing" area by one of birds. It didn't even phase her, but I quickly pulled out wipes to clean her up.

Here are a few (ok, several) pictures from our visit this last week...

Here's one more photo to show that "Beavers" and "Ducks" can co-habitate...although, my husband (a Duck) would surely disagree! :)

(Esme in white shirt/pink coat. Ellerie in purple shirt/green coat)


  1. I want to go to the zoo with those cuties!! :)

  2. Oh Katrina! When you guys are home we'll definitely make a trip!