Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sick Girls

Last week sickness hit our household. Both girls came down with high fevers, coughing and runny noses on the same day. Usually one comes down with it after the other. This time, they must have grabbed germs from the same source. Fortunately in only lasted a few days, but it's hard to see them so miserable and have them not fully understand what's going on. Ellerie's temp even reached 104.9 a couple times in the night. Thank goodness for Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen! The girls took lots of cool baths, spent lots of time in their jammies, snuggled a lot and read lots of books!

I'm so glad they're feeling better. Now mommy and daddy are just trying to fight some crud off! Time for some more vitamin C!!

Here is Esme snuggling when she wasn't feeling well...I get just about the best snuggles ever, when she's sick. She doesn't sit still the rest of the time!

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