Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Year Photo Shoot

Remember my post awhile back about the nature walk? If not, you can see it here. This location was sought out specifically as a location for the girls' one year photo shoot. We wanted fields of wildflowers, and this is what we found.

I've posted before about the wonderful photographs my friend Whitney takes. She owns a photography studio, Bliss Studio, here in Portland. She took my maternity photos and the girls' newborn, 6 month and now 1 year photos. These photos are going to all be artistically compiled in a wonderful album created by Whitney over the next several months. I'm excited to have the girls' first year documented in such a way.

I wanted to share with you a few photos from the session. To see a couple more, venture to the Bliss Studio Blog found here. You can see them all a lot bigger there too! Go take a peek!

Here are a few photos that just make me laugh! Most photographers would immediately delete these kinds of photos, but I just don't understand why. This is what kids do! Would I have a big print of these on my wall? No, but they are moments being captured, and I love that.

Little Ellerie...

And Esme, when we asked, "Where's your nose?"...

This one I do have on my wall! I LOVE it!!! Happy Birthday/Mother's Day to me!

A few more favorites...




I've seen all the photos now, and we had a terrible time narrowing them down for the album. There were so many...as usual!

Thanks again, Whitney!

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  1. WOO HOO!!! Love of course! Thanks for bringing me beautiful models and finding the coolest place ever to shoot!