Monday, May 7, 2012

Friday Favorites (Oops!)...Nature

I know, I know! I totally missed last "Friday Favorites" and now it's Monday. We've been quite busy around here. My husband (Jonathan) has had the past week off work (great for family time, but not so great for the bank), and we've been busy with family time, organizing the house and getting ready for the girls' one-year photo shoot ( was yesterday).

I have a little time right now because I was up at 5 am tending to Ellerie and, after getting her back down, I couldn't go back to sleep. The girls have minor colds/coughs and it wakes them up a couple times a night. So, here I a peaceful house. I know I'll be tired later, but I have to say that this quiet time is quite nice.

I have a few posts in my head, but for now I just want to share with you a few pictures I took while on a nature walk with my family. We were out looking for places to have our girls' one-year photo shoot and came across this beautiful place. It's called Camassia Natural Area, and it's located not too far from us in West Linn, Oregon. It is literally located right in the midst of a residential area, and right off the major freeway, but while walking through the beautiful wildflowers, you'd never know it! It's beautiful!

These pictures were taken with my phone camera, but they turned out ok. It's amazing what it will do when your subject isn't moving!! Pictures of the girls are always so blurry. It was a cloudy/off-and-on rainy day on Friday when I took these pictures, but fortunately the sun decided to arrive just in time for the girls' pictures yesterday!

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