Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorites - Cardboard Box

A while back, we moved the girls out of their infant car seats and into convertible car seats. Instead of throwing out the boxes, we decided to keep them. With one of the boxes, my husband made a little "play house" with small windows and a door. It's nothing fancy, but the girls LOVE it and play with it every day. They love to hide inside, peek out and say "ear I ah" (here I am) or "eek-ah-oo" (peek-a-boo). They will tip it over and hide underneath, stash all their balls inside, read books inside or just sit in there together and "have a conversation."

The box has held up well the past several months. It's been a great toy and we're keeping the second box as a back up in the garage. Maybe we'll make something new with the other box.

I know I have some great videos of the girls having fun with the box. I'll have to go through and find one. For now, enjoy a few photos...

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