Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Favorites - Packages in the Mail

I love receiving packages in the mail! Yesterday, we had two arrive at our house. Even more exciting...they were both for the girls!

One contained a couple suction type plates to hopefully make mealtime a little less messy when they eat from their own plate/bowl with a spoon. If the plate/bowl stays in place, it'll be easier for them to "scoop and eat."

The other package came in a fairly good sized box. When I saw that it was from my Aunt Suzi, I knew it would be full of wonderful handmade goodies. The girls and I opened it together and discovered some adorable dolls and cozy quilts she made for the girls! At first, the girls were more excited about the cardboard box...they quickly emptied its contents (seemingly unaware of what they were removing as they were so focused on the box) and climbed inside. After about 5 minutes of smiles and giggles with the box they moved onto their dollies, giving them all kinds of snuggles and kisses. With the quilts, they had fun hiding each other and mommy. Ellerie also gave the quilts lots of snuggles...she has a thing for soft blankets!!

This morning, they have been carrying the dolls all around...while doing puzzles, looking at books, etc.

Thank you Aunt Suzi!!

Here are a few pictures of the girls and their goodies! Sorry...they were taken on my phone and are a tad blurry. The girls move too fast for the slow phone camera! I'll try to get some more with my other camera and add them to this post.

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