Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites - My First Crayola

I've been trying to incorporate some "art" for my girls. My challenge has been in finding activities that are safe if anything goes into the mouth. I don't have to worry as much with Ellerie, but Esme is extremely oral and everything goes into the mouth immediately.

We've done some hand and foot prints, as well as a few other messy and non-messy projects. I really wanted to have some basic crayons/markers around for a quick go-to activity, but I was hesitant because I didn't want bites out of crayons, or marker drawings all over the house.

I came across these products a couple months ago at Target. They are made by Crayola and are designed for little toddler hands. We have several of them now and they are great! We received a couple for their birthday and I picked up a few more with coupons I had. Esme still puts them straight to her mouth, but she's getting better now that she is finally understanding what happens when she puts them to paper. The crayons work well and the marker is truly "mess free" as it only works on the paper it comes with. There are colored washable markers too, but I'm not brave enough to try those yet.

Here are a few pictures of the products and of the girls' artwork (I apologize, some of them are phone pics)...



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