Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites - "Thank you!"

Esme and Ellerie have been learning all kinds of words and signs. Lately, their favorite words to say, and sign, over and over are "thank you." They, however, don't fully understand the meaning of the words quite yet. They say "thank you" when they bring you something. They say "thank you" when they sit down in the bath tub (after being told to because it's not safe to stand) or for a quick snack when their not strapped in their high chairs. They also say "thank you" when we ask them to say it because someone shared a toy, played with them, etc.

It's so much fun to watch, and hear, their language expanding every day...and I am thankful for the manner words they are learning (even if they don't quite have their use totally figured out).

And, because every post is better with a picture, here is a picture of my girls intently watching a squirrel eat the food from our new bird feeder.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites - My First Crayola

I've been trying to incorporate some "art" for my girls. My challenge has been in finding activities that are safe if anything goes into the mouth. I don't have to worry as much with Ellerie, but Esme is extremely oral and everything goes into the mouth immediately.

We've done some hand and foot prints, as well as a few other messy and non-messy projects. I really wanted to have some basic crayons/markers around for a quick go-to activity, but I was hesitant because I didn't want bites out of crayons, or marker drawings all over the house.

I came across these products a couple months ago at Target. They are made by Crayola and are designed for little toddler hands. We have several of them now and they are great! We received a couple for their birthday and I picked up a few more with coupons I had. Esme still puts them straight to her mouth, but she's getting better now that she is finally understanding what happens when she puts them to paper. The crayons work well and the marker is truly "mess free" as it only works on the paper it comes with. There are colored washable markers too, but I'm not brave enough to try those yet.

Here are a few pictures of the products and of the girls' artwork (I apologize, some of them are phone pics)...



Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Favorites - New Tunnel

We're kind of all a bunch of walking sleepy heads this morning. Ellerie is finally working on cutting through her top two teeth! One came through last Saturday (April 7th) and the other (tooth #4) is on its way...along with #5 and #6 (Esme still has no teeth). We are pretty sure it was teething that kept waking her up, screaming, every hour throughout the night. I finally just brought her to bed with us so we could all just get a little sleep!

Back to Friday Favorites...The girls love climbing into things and going through things. So, when we saw this tunnel at Ikea, we had to get it! The girls love it and play time is always full of giggles and smiles. It's great, because it folds up small enough to tuck away when not in use.



Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter was a two day event this year. On Saturday morning we went to my family's church and then spent the afternoon at my mom's house with her and some friends, the Colvins (who also have twins, Aidan and Alyssa, who are almost 5). Aidan and Alyssa had fun "hiding" eggs for the girls. These eggs had little led lights in them so they flickered and the girls loved playing with them! They weren't really all that interested in finding them, but it was fun.

On Sunday morning, we headed out to Jon's family church. It's about a 45 minute drive there and another 10 minutes further to his parents' house. We hoped the girls would take their morning nap in the car ride out there, but Ellerie decided against it. Esme didn't fall asleep until the last 10 minutes, but she stayed asleep on my shoulder in church for the next 30 minutes or so (Naps were all off this weekend!!). We spent the afternoon at his parents' house eating yummy food and watching the big kids (cousins) hunt for eggs filled with jellybeans and money.

The girls received a few Easter baskets this year. One from us, one from grandma (my mom) and one from nana and papa (Jon's parents). In their baskets were books, stuffed bunnies, yogurt melt treats, Little People toys, balls and sunglasses. They love it all!

I made their Easter dresses this year. Jon found this dress tutorial online here. He also picked out the fabric. I didn't think I would be able to accomplish this dress (my sewing is not all that advanced), but I read through it a few times, measured the girls and came up with a plan. I loved how they turned out and I think we'll get a lot of used out of them this summer (if they sun comes out once in awhile). I've already picked up some more fabric to make some more dresses...perhaps with some variations.

We washed up the dresses Saturday night so that they could wear them again on Sunday. They switched dresses the next day.

Here are a few pictures of the girls and their dresses this weekend...

Front of dresses

Back of dresses



Esme giving her cousin Jaden a snuggle

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Favorites - Packages in the Mail

I love receiving packages in the mail! Yesterday, we had two arrive at our house. Even more exciting...they were both for the girls!

One contained a couple suction type plates to hopefully make mealtime a little less messy when they eat from their own plate/bowl with a spoon. If the plate/bowl stays in place, it'll be easier for them to "scoop and eat."

The other package came in a fairly good sized box. When I saw that it was from my Aunt Suzi, I knew it would be full of wonderful handmade goodies. The girls and I opened it together and discovered some adorable dolls and cozy quilts she made for the girls! At first, the girls were more excited about the cardboard box...they quickly emptied its contents (seemingly unaware of what they were removing as they were so focused on the box) and climbed inside. After about 5 minutes of smiles and giggles with the box they moved onto their dollies, giving them all kinds of snuggles and kisses. With the quilts, they had fun hiding each other and mommy. Ellerie also gave the quilts lots of snuggles...she has a thing for soft blankets!!

This morning, they have been carrying the dolls all around...while doing puzzles, looking at books, etc.

Thank you Aunt Suzi!!

Here are a few pictures of the girls and their goodies! Sorry...they were taken on my phone and are a tad blurry. The girls move too fast for the slow phone camera! I'll try to get some more with my other camera and add them to this post.

Monday, April 2, 2012

International Children's Book Day

So, apparently today is International Children's Book Day! Books, as I've mentioned before, are probably my girls' favorite thing. They love to "read" and be read to more than anything. We probably have close to a hundred board addition to the thousand or so (probably more) other children's books I own for when they are older. I'd say we read around 15 books per day.

In honor of this day that celebrates children's books (which I love very much), I thought I'd share with you some of my girls' favorite books. There are so many, and no way I can possibly share all of their favorites, but here are a select few that come to mind when I think of their favorites. Maybe I'll list some others in a future "Friday Favorites" post.

Current favorite...Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.

Eric Carle's ABC Book

Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton

Where is Baby's Bellybutton by Karen Katz

Big Red Barn and Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

What are some of your, or your children's, favorite books??