Monday, March 19, 2012

We're 1!!!

Esme and Ellerie celebrated their first birthday Sunday, March 4th, 2012! It is amazing how fast this past year has gone by! A year ago, these girls were little tiny helpless little babies and now they are big girl toddlers who think they can do everything by themselves!

Esme and Ellerie...Here are some of your 1-year-old milestones:

Both of you are walking! Esme, you made your first attempts around 9 1/2 months and Ellerie around 11 months. You were both capable much earlier, but being sick and cautious held you back a bit.

You LOVE to talk and say all kinds of words! There are many more words that you girls say that are not on this list below. These are just the words that come to my mind right now. You girls are adding new words everyday! The two of you have all kinds of conversations with each other that I so wish I understood!!! You understand each other though!
Esme - "dada," "mama," "bah" (book, bottle, bye, ball), "hi," "gah" (dog), "cah" (cat), "duh" (duck), "cack" (quack), "uh oh," "poo," "x" and "h" (you like those letters), you make animal sounds for cats, dogs, ducks, tigers, lions and monkeys...there are so many more!
Ellerie - "dada," "mama," "bah" (book, bottle, ball), "bah bah" (bye bye), "hi," "dah" (dog), "cah" (cat), "duh" (duck), "cack" (quack), "uh oh," "poo," "etters" (letters), "atch" (catch), "rar" (for tiger and lion sound), "ee ah oo" (peek-a-boo), you make animal sounds for cats, dogs, ducks, tigers, lions and monkeys...there are so many more!

In addition to talking, you can sign a few words as well: "more," "please," "thank you," and "all done." We're teaching you some more, but you don't quite have those down yet.

You are eating all kinds of foods! There aren't really any that you don't like so far. You both love cheese, especially. You love fruits and vegetables! You favorite meal, however, is probably black beans, brown rice and cottage cheese. You eat things like lentils, collard greens and kale, beets and quinoa. I hope that this non-picky eating lasts!! You both still breastfeed 3-4 times per day and also take breastmilk in a sippy straw cup. You haven't been introduced to cows milk yet.

Books and balls are your favorite toys.

Your favorite books include, "Big Red Barn," "Barnyard Dance," any Karen Katz lift the flap book (ex. "Where is Baby's Bellybutton" and "Where is Baby's Birthday Cake"...we have several), "Making Letters," Eric Carle books (ex. "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"), any books with animals, and a whole lot more!

Your favorite songs include, "If You're Happy and You Know It," "ABC," "Jesus Loves Me," "The Wheels on the Bus"

You love to act like you are going to share something and then, at the last minute, take it back. It's a fun game you like to play!
You love to drop things on the ground just so you can say "uh oh."
You shake your head back and forth when you hear music.
You have the biggest bestest smile that lights up your whole face.
You have the cutest little giggle when you laugh.
You are a don't think about it, you just try it. If you fall, you get up and try again without hesitation.
You will climb into/onto anything...bookshelf, bucket, box, etc.
You like to be with'd much rather look at a book with mommy, daddy or sister than by yourself.
You will come up and give a hug/snuggle just out of the blue.
You give wonderful wet open mouth kisses!
You blow kisses.
You will wave and say "hi" to complete strangers.
You love to eat...just about ANYTHING! We call you the "bottomless pit" because you'll never stop eating!
You put EVERYTHING in your mouth!!!

You really like to share! Every once in awhile you don't want to, but you are most often willing to share everything...even things we don't really want (like your binkie you insist on sharing with mommy sometimes)!
You also love to drop things on the ground just so you can say "uh oh."
You love to bounce, dance, and sway to music.
You have the best belly laugh...not as much of a giggler like your sister.
You also like to show us your "fake laugh" and then you crack yourself up and really start laughing.
You like to think things through before you try something.
You are definitely my more cautious one, and you take your time. When you fall, you take your time and slowly get back up before you try again.
You are fascinated with how things work and will intentionally look and play around with the smallest thing for quite some time.
You are content playing by yourself more often than your sister...looking through books especially!
You have "ball" will spot every ball, everywhere, and point it out while saying "ball" over and over.
You give a great big squeeze when you give a hug.
Your open mouth kisses are wonderful...and wet!
You love to blow kisses!
You like to throw every book off the book shelf before sitting down to find that one book you'd like to look through.
You love to take your socks off!

At your 1-year doctor appointment you were...
Esme: 30.25" long (85%), 17 lbs 5 oz (3.32%)
Ellerie: 31" long (96%), 20 lbs 2 oz (34%)

Although tall and thin, the doctor says you are both following your curve wonderfully! You are happy and healthy girls!

There are so many wonderful things about you girls! We get double the hugs, kisses, smiles, laughs and baby babble. I can't imagine only having one of you! Twins are definitely double the blessing and I'm thankful, everyday, for you wonderful girls! Mommy and daddy love you very much!!!

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