Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites - Socks!

I'm nearly finished with a post on the girls' Sock Monkey birthday, but while they nap is really the only time I have to work on posts/uploading pictures (and cleaning the house), and they haven't been the best nappers the last few days. They are in between the 1-2 naps/day phase.

I, however, thought I'd start something new on this blog...something a little more regular and consistent, but something that doesn't take me very long to type up.

On Fridays, I thought I would start sharing some of my "favorites" with you. This may mean a favorite product, toy, book, recipe, activity, etc. It may be mommy/kid related, home related or anything really!

To start things off, I want to share with you a favorite baby clothing item...

Robeez brand kickproof socks!!!

I've tried all kinds of socks on my girls and these socks truly hold up to their namesake...kickproof! Other brands fall off constantly. I've lost all kinds of socks in stores, around the house, etc. We received our first set of Robeez socks as a baby shower gift before the girls were born. I knew about the Robeez shoes, but had never heard about the company making socks. I thought they were cute and packed them away in the hospital bag for the girls to wear home. The socks (sized 0-6 months) were little big, but they never fell off.

I say that they are truly "kickproof," but this doesn't mean that your child won't pull them off once they learn how. This is Ellerie's favorite thing to do! This picture, below, was taken several months ago, but I love it!

We had no luck with other brands we tried in the beginning, so I have purchased only Robeez brand socks up until recently. Unfortunately, they only make socks sized up to 12-24 months, and they do run a tad small (they shrink up in the dryer). This size still fits my girls, but Ellerie is getting close to needing bigger sizes so I have been exploring some other brands...none of which I like so far. I think we'll make the Robeez socks fit as long as possible!

So, if you're expecting a little one, have a new little one or attending a baby shower in the near future, keep a look out for these socks! Some Stride Rite and Nordstrom stores carry them, but I've had my best luck online.

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