Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holidays...Busy Busy Busy

Holidays hit and life gets busy! This will be the girls' first Christmas so things are a little different in our house this year.

Our Christmas tree stands 4 feet tall and it sitting atop a side table...out of reach of little hands and mouths. We did go cut one down this year. I have to have a real tree. It's a Christmas requirement for me! Being so small, we had to limit the ornaments that went on the tree. We picked out our favorites and added a couple new ones with pictures of the girls. The pictures were taken by Whitney at Bliss Studio and I love them and the frame! They are such a great way to remember the girls' first Christmas. After Christmas, I think I will find a nice place in the house to hang them. They are too nice to pack away!

I'm keeping Christmas simple this year. Many of my family and friends will be receiving handmade gifts. This is something that has been very challenging to complete with little ones around. I'm pretty sure that they won't all be complete by Christmas, but I am trying. For the girls, I kept things small. I purchased a few books, a puzzle, and doll. As a child, it was a tradition to receive a doll every Christmas (I still have many of them) and I plan on continuing that tradition with my girls...although, my husband is dreading this tradition! Oh, and the Christmas Eve PJs...yes, I got some of those for my girls as well. My husband says it's silly, but those are the traditions I enjoyed the most as a child and I love passing those on to my children.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? You know...in case I need a few more!

Here are a few pictures of our tree and trip to the zoo lights...

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