Thursday, October 6, 2011

7 Months

The girls turned 7 months old on Tuesday (October 4th). I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. They will be a year old before I know it!

The girls have sure grown and can do all kinds of things. They are both rolling and scooting around the room (Esme's is more of an army crawl). They love toys that make noise, but small balls (especially ones that rattle or make noise) that they can hold in one hand are their favorites!

Ellerie started sitting up all by herself at 5 months and Esme reached that milestone a few weeks later. Ellerie can now go from the floor to a sit position all by herself too! Both girls show an interest in being on their feet. In fact, the pediatrician is convinced we will have early walkers (Jon and I both walked early at about 9 months), but we'll see.

The girls have an incredible love for books! They sit through 5-6 books at night before bed, and we read all kinds of books throughout the day. Their favorite book seems to still be "Where is Baby's Bellybutton" and they now know how to lift the flaps on each page! Do I have smart girls or what?!?!

They also love music! They love songs that we sing, CDs and toys that make music. Esme loves to clap her hands to songs too! I wish I could find a baby music class that had openings on the weekend (since we work all week). I'll keep looking...

Once we reached the 6 month mark I introduced them to some solid foods. I'm not terribly worried about getting in a lot of solids as they get a complete nutrition from breastmilk, but they are doing very well (now that they have gotten used to it) and are enjoying this time.

I have made all of their baby food. It's so easy, cheaper, and it tastes WAY better!! So far, the girls have tried rice cereal (they don't care for it by itself, but don't mind it mixed in with other foods), butternut squash (love it), sweet potato (love it), peas (don't care for them much, but will eat when mixed with other foods), avocado (like it) and apples (love them).

Here are some pictures of their first experience with solid food (homemade organic brown rice cereal)...

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