Thursday, September 8, 2011

Camping at Fort Stevens

Our camping trip was great!! The girls did great!!

I was worried how the girls would adjust to sleeping in the cold and in a pack n play. I was also concerned how I would bathe them, feed them, diaper them....the list goes on. When you're camping, life is just different. I supposed that is what I like about it. Plus, you can escape from the every day craziness and just enjoy the fresh air and beautiful outdoors.

We are tent campers. You won't find me sleeping in any trailer, RV, etc. I just like camping in a tent. I had a big tent, from several years ago, in my garage that hasn't had much use since it was just me and my husband until now. This tent is HUGE. In fact, I think it says it could sleep 10. The great thing about it is that there is this separate "room" off the main area that actually has a door you can zipper shut. This was a perfect place to put the girls' pack n play so they could have some separation from us. We were able to darken that room tad and that is where they slept. We brought their lullaby music and the baby monitors (so that we could be in Jon's sister's site next door).

We bundled the girls up in two layers of jammies and socks. We tried to put hats on their heads, but they just move around so much that they would not stay on. The first night got a bit chilly. They girls stayed warm, but their poor hands and faces were frozen by morning. They woke up a handful of times that first night, but really not bad considering the cold and new atmosphere. After that first night, we borrowed my sister-in-laws space heater to use in our tent just to take the edge off the cold at night. We stayed warm in our sleeping bag, but I worried about the girls. The next three nights were toasty warm!

Even though the girls are not crawling (quite yet...they are really close), they still managed to get dirty. There were two mornings we decided they needed a shower and they ended up being wheeled into the shower room in their stroller, waiting for me to be done showering and then they showered with me. We figured this would be the easiest. It worked out pretty well.

Play Time...
We purchased a little pop up shade/tent thing earlier this summer. It looks like a three sided tent with the fourth side open. We have gotten quite a bit of use out of it at the park and other outside outings. We set it up next to our tent and it was a great place for the girls to roll around and play in...especially while we tried to prepare meals. We just put down a blanket and toys and the girls were good to go.

I really didn't want to abandon our cloth diapers while we were camping, but I also knew I didn't want to have to wash diapers or let diapers sit dirty for that long. Fortunately, one of our cloth diaper systems is a hybrid system. This means that it has the option of being cloth or disposable. There is a cover (we had to wash those) and either a cloth insert or a disposable insert which are what we used. They worked pretty well for camping, but I was thrilled to start using my cloth again on our final day.

The girls loved socializing with lots of extended family. They were full of smiles for just about anyone. I think they just enjoyed being outside. We took a walk around the campground every morning...the girls in the stroller and us walking while enjoying our morning cup of coffee.

We never made it to the beach. We just had fun hanging out at the campsite...oh, and one trip to the outlet mall!

A few more picture of our trip...

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