Friday, June 17, 2011

Hair Hair Everywhere...

Yes, I know it's normal, but it is amazing that I still have hair on my head. I'm starting to think that they should market Liquid Plumber with other postpartum needs. It's becoming a necessity! Perhaps I should have bought stock in it.

My hair is everywhere...the drain, the bathroom floor and counter, the bed, on babies, etc. I even found a hair in one of the girls' diapers...after my husband had changed her! I'm constantly picking it up and putting it in the garbage.

I am so paranoid that a hair is going to wrap around one of the girls' all those horror stories you hear about. I'm always checking all of their little fingers and toes, especially at bath time, to make sure that they are clear of my falling out hair.

I hope to still have hair on my head a few months from now. If I go bald, you'll all still love me, right?

1 comment:

  1. Same here, it's terrible! It has slowed down finally, but the hair stylist said it could take about 4 years to get it all back! :(