Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3 Months Old!

I've been trying to get caught up on my blog posts, but the days just keep slipping by and I am missing out on posting on the current stuff. So, I'm just going to post when I feel I have something to share and add background when I can.

The girls recently turned 3 months old (June 4th). I cannot believe how quickly 3 months can go when you are busy dealing with the day to day tasks of taking care of two babies. They are 1 quarter of the way through their first year of life!

Some things the girls can do at 3 months old...

1) Sleeping through the night...They sleep about 10-11 hours a night. This is wonderful for mommy and daddy. The girls wake up so happy in the morning and we are greeted with all kinds of smiles and cooing. I just wish they would do more that cat naps during the day. I can't complain, though, because we get lots of sleep at night. They do take a regular morning nap, about 1 1/2 hours after they wake up at eat. It lasts anywhere between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours. This gives me enough time to at least take a shower, get dressed and have a few minutes of quiet time.

2) Lots of smiles and cooing (talking)...Jon comes home from work and the girls have all kinds of "stories" to tell. It is so much fun having a "conversation" with them.

3) Tummy time...They girls only last about 10 minutes at a time, but they do very well holding up their head to look at a toy or themselves in a mirror.

4) Favorite toys...Ellerie is in love with her "taggie" blankets that Jon and I made before the girls were born. She'll hold on to hers and steal Esme's away from her. She loves the soft fabric and ribbon tags in her mouth. Esme loves the Whoozit toys. If you don't know what those are, google them...or see picture below. Both girls love them, but Esme is especially fond of them. We have several in different sizes and various rooms of the house and one for the diaper bag.

5) Rolling over...Esme has rolled over a couple of times, unintentionally. She always rolls to the left and I don't think it will be long before she is doing it all the time. Ellerie has no interest in rolling over. She does, however, have interest in sitting up. She does her little "pilates" when laying on her back by lifting head up and feet up at the same time. That girl has some strong core muscles...they both do! Both girls love their Bumbo seats. It's a nice way for them to get off their back and tummies and do something different.

6) The girls love stories and songs/music! Some of their favorite books are Goodnight Moon, Time for Bed and Hug. We read lots of books! Some of their favorite songs are Baby Beluga, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jesus Loves Me.

7) Eating...Both girls are breastfed! We are finally at that point where feeding is a little more efficient. When they first came home from the hospital, the feeding process took about 1 hour 20 minutes...every 2 1/2-3 hours. It involved 30+ minutes of nursing, supplementing with a bottle because they didn't get enough nursing (formula for only 1 week, then pumped breastmilk), and then pumping for 15 minutes. It was exhausting for all of us! Now, I can feed them both at the same time in about 10 minutes. If I'm out and about, I feed one after the other and it takes about 20-25 minutes. This efficiency gives us much more time to play. Before, they were so exhausted after feeding they would just sleep or cry. Sometimes I would cry because the process was so exhausting or painful (I had all kinds of problems). Part of me wanted to give up so many times, but my determination is the only reason I am still nursing today. We still have our struggles, on occasion, but overall the process is much more enjoyable!

8) Growing out of their clothes...Babies grow so fast! I cannot believe how quickly they move through their clothes. They flew through the newborn sizes (being 7 lbs 7 oz and 6 lbs 10 oz at birth it didn't take long). They were in 0-3 month sizes for a little while (Esme can still wear some of the 2-piece outfits), but they are wearing mostly 3-6 month sizes. Both girls are pretty thin babies (Esme more so), but they are quite long so a lot of the 1-piece outfits get too short too fast. Many of the 3-6 month onesies are too short. This is going to be something I will forever have to be aware of when buying clothes. I'm likely going to have tall girls...Their daddy is 6' 4" and I'm not short by any means at 5' 8+".

I may add more as I think of more, but this is a pretty good starting list.

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