Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little Background...Part Four...Baby Showers

I had two baby showers. The first was hosted by my friend Dawn and my mom. There were a number of people that were invited to this shower, and we didn't know how many would attend, so they decided to host the shower at a coffee shop called Crossroads Coffee Cafe in Gladstone, OR. This ended up being a great idea because there were about 50 people who attended this shower. I was overwhelmed with support and love, and showered with gifts. It was a lot of fun, but being about 30 weeks pregnant at the time made me tire quickly. I was exhausted by the end.

We played a couple games. In one game, each person had to cut a piece of yarn to the length they thought was the size of my belly. Most people were way off! In another game, every one had a safety pin and you were not permitted to say "baby," "babies," or "twins," If you were caught saying any of those words, you were to forfeit your safety pin to the person who caught you.
Here are a few pictures from the event...

The second baby shower was the following weekend and was hosted by my sister-in-law Jenn. This shower was much smaller (which was really nice) and included many members of Jonathan's extended family. It was a wonderful time and I'm sad to say that I don't have any pictures. I know someone does though...

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