Friday, May 13, 2011


So, a few people have been bugging me to start a blog so that they can keep up on what's going on in the Sanow household. Perhaps they want to stalk me like I stalk them! It's something that I have been wanting to do for some time, but was never sure how much time I would have to keep it updated. I've decided, however, that with twins, I just don't have much time to work on baby books right now. It's hard enough to get myself showered and teeth brushed every day. So, keeping up on my girls' milestones is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. I'm hoping that, if I can find the time every couple of days, to record some of those milestones via blog. Then, down the road, I can transfer that information to their baby books...some day.

Since the girls are now 10 weeks old (today), I have some catching up to do. Stay tuned for some "old news"...

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  1. How fun! Looking forward to good stories!